We've been serving drivers since 2014 when the FMCSA began requiring a drivers medical certificate be provided by a certified medical examiner.  This new requirement meant that drivers could no longer just see their primary care doctor for the exam.  Prior to our services, the feedback from drivers going through this process was consistently poor. Complaints commonly included, difficulty in finding an examiner, long wait times in offices typically full of sick contagious patients.  Most often however, they felt uncomfortable being examined by an unfamiliar examiner/staff that didn't seem to recognize how important passing the exam was to them. In most offices, once they collect the fee there is no attempt at preparing the driver for the exam or assistance in finding a solution should they have trouble with the exam.  We recognized that while these were very real issues and were contributing to exam failure, there were also very simple effective solutions.  So we formed NorthEast MedExams.  We are now the only medical practice that not only provides the medical exam but recognizes the importance of the exam to you and takes the time to personally ensure you are ready.  Contact us today and let our years of experience work for you, whether it be for an initial exam, a simple question or a second opinion.

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